If you want to fail, go alone. If you want to grow, go together.

Want to go together?

The place for scale-ups & large companies to grow their activities together 

For Managers

Are you a manager…

  • ambitious to make your business activities into a success
  • eager to work together with scale-ups and other corporate managers
  • ready to get an outside-in view and feedback from the outside world
  • willing to get the entrepreneurial mindset and get guidance in how to involve the rest of your company

See below what GrowthClass program fits you best

For Founders

Are you founder of a high potential scale-up…

  • ambitious to succeed in scaling-up your business
  • eager to work together with corporate managers and other scale-ups
  • ready to get an outside-in view and feedback from the outside world
  • looking for a community with the right recourses you need to grow your business (marketing/ distribution/ funding)

See below what GrowthClass program fits you best

GrowthClass Programs

The Premium Program

GrowthClass Premium connects a selected group of ambitious corporate managers and scale-up founders in a 3 months program. Sharing experiences, getting feedback and the unique outside-in-view makes your business activity grow during a combination of weekly online and physical meetings. 

The Online Program

GrowthClass Online is a 3 month online program. Easy and interactive via your laptop at the place you want to be, the New Learning. Insight, experiences and mentors ensure that participants can apply new knowledge directly to the company. 


The Breakthrough Program

In the Breakthrough Program you will start by making a roadmap for your business activity. Every month you will have physical progress sessions together with the group and your mentor to share your progress and deal with the hurdles you face. Followed by a one hour discussion with the group about relevant topics

Customized Program

Besides our regular programs GrowthClass offers customized programs based on the exact needs of your company. We can provide your company with the right knowledge and outside-in-view to grow and become more innovative. Please contact us about the options we can offer you. 

Alumni about GrowthClass

“We participated in several GrowthClasses and look forward to the next program. The connection with entrepreneurs and other companies to work together on innovation and growth is very valuable.” 

Rob Scholte, Innovation Manager


“The program helped us to make the proposition of our innovation project clearer and more scalable. From that moment our team started thinking and working in a different way. The project is very successful now.”  

Rozemarijn de Feijter, Development Manager


“Through interactive peer-to-peer meetings and crossovers you can learn a lot from each other. The program really helps to take more distance from your business and thus determine what the best next step to success is.”

Sybrich Willemsma, Sr. Learning Specialist 


“GrowthClass made me realize there are several roads that lead to Rome. This, along with the inspiring stories of the Energizers and the great informal atmosphere in the group, makes sure I recommend the program to everyone. ”

Marieke van der Donk, Founder

Meet our Mentors:



Ernesto Spruyt



Martijn van den Heuvel



Rene Savelberg



Wouter van den Burg

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