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Alumni about their GrowthClass Journey



“We joined GrowthClass with one of our innovation projects. The program helped us to make the proposition of our innovation project clearer and more scalable. We learned, among other things, how we could go from a development team, to a sales team and which internal and external parties to involve and how. That was the moment we and our team started thinking and working in a different way. ” Rozemarijn de Feijter, Development Manager PostNL

“GrowthClass made me realize there are several roads that lead to Rome. Abstract models like the Business Model Canvas become concrete by applying them in your business and growth goals are achieved by starting to work in a structured way. The discussion with your fellow participants and the feedback you give and get make you think differently about your business and way of working. This, along with the inspiring stories of the Energizers and the great informal atmosphere in the group, makes sure I recommend the program to everyone. ” Marieke van der Donk, Founder MuseumTV

“I have experienced GrowthClass as a very inspiring way to look jointly with corporates and scale-up how you solve issues. Through interactive peer-to-peer meetings and crossovers you can learn a lot from each other. The program also helps to take more distance from your business and thus determine what the best next step to succes is. GrowthClass brought me a lot.” Sybrich Willemsma, Sr. Learning Specialist Philips University 

“GrowthClass showed King Arthur Groep how to achieve their growth goal by thinking in a different way. It made us realize that as Fouders we had to take a different role within the company to achieve growth. Now we have independent teams who keep the business running. This allows us to focus on further growth. The weekly sessions help to improve your business in a structural way. This, together with the useful feedback from your fellow participants make it possible to take huge steps. If you stand in front of a growth issue with your company, GrowthClass really is the program to help you further! ” Jarcine Spaander, Founder King Arthur Groep




“We participated in several GrowthClasses and look forward to the next program. The connection with entrepreneurs and other companies to work together on innovation and growth is very valuable. It gives us new insights and lets us get acquainted with other ways of working. Our colleague who participated was very enthusiastic about the program and the interaction in the ‘Class’. ” Rob Scholte, Innovation Manager AEGON

“The composition of the participants in the group is varied and the level is high. The contribution of experts like René Savelberg and Jasper Bouwsma also helps you to truly grow and innovate. The combination of online and offline meetings keeps the program not only inspirational, but also practical. ” Eric Damhuis, Founder Building of Brains 

“The value of GrowthClass is the combination of corporate participants and entrepreneurs thinking and doing together. Applying theory into practice in a service- & innovation oriented organization. Our introduced project about data-driven marketing is partly a succes, because of participation in GrowthClass. After this project, we will follow the program again with a new project ” Alexander van Loon, Director Marketing ASR 

“GrowthClass has given Tracks Inspector insights in how you to grow our business, without losing our passion. During the program we got clear what our strengths and weaknesses are and what partnerships to make to realize the growth. GrowthClass is a diverse and interesting experience and a great opportunity for your company to see clear how to grow together. ” Hans Henseler, Founder Tracks Inspector




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